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A little about Little Orchid 13

The Petals

It all started with a 2 year old venturing into a famous Stationary Chain of those times and getting obsessed with all sorts of colorful items from scented toy erasers to jumbo pastel color boxes, pencils, awesome scrap books, overwhelming party invites. With dazed starry eyes she tried to carry love at first site stuff, way more than her little hands and feet including socks  could manage. Hence, started the journey of LITTLE ORCHID and her famous collection. I started bringing my dreams to reality further by actually designing cards, scrapbooks, party invites, gifting to people around me. The urge was so strong to make and share party invites was strong enough to invite my play school friends for parties that were never planned. My mother had to deal with umpteen such surprise visits of my in party mood friends.  Gradually, I started doodling and doing calligraphy and all I lacked was creating actual human figures, till date they are as good as a stickman. Finally I decided to showcase my passion and moved to Instagram. I started with presenting the cute stationery and home décor supplies I used to buy and reviewing them. Later I got the confidence to share my art work too and hence, the journey began from there. ‘Little Orchid’ is my vision of finding happiness in little things around and orchid being my favorite flower with my favorite color purple. I use my Instagram to express my thoughts and visions in the form of art and the craze of trying new supplies and all still remains. It’s my escape from reality.

I always wanted to have my own stationery shop with my cute designs being the reason for bringing sheer happiness to people. So, I recently launched my own website that would be showcasing my designs and art on various stationery and lifestyle products and a blog where I can show the process. But there is also something which I added and that is a personalized space where an artist can blog, get featured and have their own audience because getting recognized on social network platforms like Instagram is very tiresome these days, especially for young budding artists who have so much talent but little reach. They can have their own tutorials and share their vision and interact with others.

I hope you like my designs being showcased here and if you do and want to see more or try to create your own version do reach out to me via my website or Instagram: @little_orchid13 .

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