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Faizan Mohd.

Poetry and Story writing

My name is Mohd Faizan. I live in Gunnaur with my parents and three sisters. I have many hobbies  When it comes to sports, I really like to play badminton and cricket.  Also, when I have free time at home, I love to listen to stories from my Ammi Jaan and also narrate them. I am a poetry lover. I also like to do painting occasionally. I have written some things that you can check below. If you like what I wrote feel free to leave a note for me.
Thank you!

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Hi guys, I am Harshita, nice to meet you all I make art but mostly I do hand lettering there are many ways to do hand lettering but I do how I how I wanted to to do it because everyone have their own ideas and creativity. I do my best because there is because "no one is perfect that's why pencils also have erasers". In this whole world many people love to make art in their own different ways and I also do the same in my way. "Art contains a lots of things and artists contains a lots of talent " Remember this 😊



Acrylic | Watercolor | Journaling

Hi, my name is Ripika Singh and I am a student and pursue art as my passion. Well, being an art enthusiast, it seems quite a difficult job to stick myself to a particular artforms, but the driving factor for me is the happiness associated with the artwork that I get doing it, mesmerized by the hidden beauty of colours. Scribbling, doodling, doing experiments and learning new daily gives me utter joy. This year has been hard for us all, but I am grateful that during this harsh pandemic struck times I found a way to actually egress myself through studies and pursue my bond with the colours and started my Insta account @simply_art_and_craft. I love experimenting with colours and love what comes my way, currently I have been doing Mandala Artforms infused with lovely characters.  I am grateful for the amount of love and support, my followers, my friends, family and all those constant moral boosting elements, have blessed me with.



Acrylic | Watercolor

I am Shagun Pathak, and I’m a Self-Taught Artist.
As a Kid, I used to draw random sketches or sometimes a painting in my school days. I used to get attracted towards any kind or type of art. I was the type of kid who always get excited to take part in any art related contest or program. A thing that motivates me is “appreciation” I get for my artwork. They are my biggest cheerleaders, and I owe a lot to those appreciations for bringing me up.

I hope you liked these 3 Artists of the week. If you to be featured kindly send us your details.

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