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Showcase your creative dreams - AML, Gunnaur, India

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Little Orchid, recently organized a magnificent drawing, story writing, and quotations writing competition at the esteemed Academy of Modern Learning, Gunnaur. The event showcased a multitude of artistic talents, as children from diverse backgrounds came together to unleash their creativity through painting, story writing, and quotations competitions. The vibrant event culminated in recognition of the top three submissions from each category, who were awarded delightful Little Orchid merchandise and goodies.

Let's dive into the enchanting world of imagination and discover the wonders created by these talented young artists :

  • Painting Competition - The painting competition was lively, filled with enthusiasm and artistic energy. The children got their brushes, paints, and canvases, and they let their imaginations run wild. The room buzzed with excitement as young artists dipped their brushes into a palette of colors, bringing their visions to life on the canvases before them. From swirling landscapes to imaginative abstract art, each painting reflected the unique perspectives and creative flair of its young creator. The winners were (from left to right(Class))- Preet Giri (8th), Rifat (7th), Badal (6th), Shiv Kumar (7th), Swati (9th), Swati (9th), Dimpal (6th) , Garima (7th) , Fariha, Alshifa (7th) , Vinay (9th), Tanush (7th) and Rachna (7th).

Meet some of our 1st place winners -

Some of the 1st place winners

Second-place winners are - Tilat (9th), Boby (9th), Ifra (10th), Madeeha (7th), Arif (6th), Saksham (7th), Mirdul (6th), and Shehreen (8th).

Third-place winners are Rinku (6th), Nabeela (7th), Kapil (6th), Vivek (6th), Adatiya (6th), Anaya (6th), Bansh (6th), Rishab (6th), Prince (7th), Gaurav (7th).

  • Story Telling Competition - Each young writer brought their unique ideas and creative flair to the forefront, immersing the audience in captivating narratives. The air was filled with a palpable sense of excitement as the participants shared their stories, their words resonating with emotion and imagination.

  • Quotations Competition - Provided an opportunity for the young participants to showcase their mastery of words and wisdom. Armed with pens and notebooks, they crafted insightful quotations that encapsulated profound ideas and heartfelt emotions. Each quotation was a window into the young minds' unique perspectives and thoughtful reflections on life, love, and dreams.

Our happy winners with Little Orchid merchandise and certificates are -

Watch out for the blog updation as the quotations winners and story writing winners would be featured here and feature section soon! Meanwhile, LittleOrchid is off to Asmoli on 25th May to organize these competitions at the Academy of Modern Learning, Asmoli. The details can be found on - our events page.

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