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The journey of Little Orchid:

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

The journey began with a 2 year old venturing into a famous Stationary Chain of those times and getting obsessed with all sorts of colorful items from scented toy erasers to jumbo pastel color boxes, awesome scrap books, overwhelming party invites. With dazzled starry eyes she tried to carry love at first site stuff, way more than her little hands and feet including socks could manage. The urge to make and share party invites was strong enough to invite her play school friends for parties that were never planned and her mother had to deal with umpteen such surprise visits of party mood friends. ‘Little Orchid’ is my vision of finding happiness in little things around. I use my Instagram to express my thoughts and visions in the form of art and the craze of trying new supplies. It’s my escape from reality.

I recently launched my website showcasing my designs and art on various stationery and lifestyle products and a blog where I can show the process. I also have a personalized space where an artist can blog, get featured and have their own audience.

One of my many art interests is Mandalas, they are geometric shapes and symbols combined together depicting wholeness of life in itself. Hence have a very calm and pleasing effect for those who create and even observe it. I started drawing them with vibrant colored pens and never stopped since then. I like to experiment with the traditional designs. I recently shifted to digital mandalas where I use more variety of colors and effects to jot down my vision digitally. Mandala designing and coloring is certainly very soothing and somehow the creation of a complex symmetric structure leaves you with your thoughts detangled and a clearer mind. They even make a simple space look whole in an elegant way. I have also been making digital illustrations assembling memories. You can get yours done!

Its a safe space to create whatever you want and how you want!

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