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Simply_art_and_craft (Intro)

Hi, my name is Ripika Singh and I am a student and pursue art as my passion. It’s gives me an immense pleasure to talk about my artistic journey, and I am thankful to Little Orchid for providing me this platform to do so. Well, being an art enthusiast, it seems quite a difficult job to stick myself to a particular artforms, I guess the driving factor for me is the happiness associated with the artwork that I get doing it, mesmerized by the hidden beauty of colours. Scribbling, doodling, doing experiments and learning new daily gives me utter joy.

This year has been hard for us all, but I am grateful that during this harsh pandemic struck times I found a way to actually egress myself through studies and pursue my bond with the colours. It was during this time when I realized and took upon my interest and started my Instagram account @simply_art_and_craft. I am grateful for the amount of love and support, my followers, my friends, family and all those constant moral boosting elements, have blessed me with.

I would sure be lying if I say I am a studious student as for me the online classes serve as a thinking platform for the new and everlasting ideas. During this time, I brainstorm upon the ideas to bring new and fresh contents for my viewers, who by their like, comment and share make me strive for the holistic betterment of my art.

I love experimenting with colours and love what comes my way, currently I have been doing Mandala Artforms infused with lovely characters.

Whatever I am doing is not only because I wanted it but also because of the people who are around me who motivate me so much, my friends and family and most importantly the followers I have gained through this journey. They are lovely and their one comment and share makes my day. It wouldn't have been possible without them. Thankful for everything and everyone I have. Last but not the least I just want to say that leaving everything behind do something that makes you as a person jovial about your existence.

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2 commenti

Membro sconosciuto
14 feb 2021

It's really great 🔥

Mi piace

Membro sconosciuto
13 feb 2021

You parents will proud one day

God bless you ❤️

Mi piace
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