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Little Orchid in Magazine!

I , Anushka Sharma as the founder of Little Orchid am so excited to announce that Little Orchid was given a chance to be featured in an amazing magazine is SYLPH magazine. From the moment I got call offering the same till finally getting the article published 💐 it was like a dream come true😍 Sylph is an amazing organization starting their new magazine recently , featuring and publishing brands from local / small to huge ones, giving the deserved recognition to them all🌼 It's your own creative space and you can decide what and how you want to show the world about it🌟

So I would like to thank for making one of my dream come true and giving me the recognition ❤️. You can check them out at: The article is :

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Vallari Sharma
Vallari Sharma
14. Apr. 2021


Gefällt mir
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