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Showcase your creative dreams - AML, Asmoli, India

Little Orchid recently hosted a stunning painting, story writing, and quotes writing competition at Asmoli's prestigious Academy of Modern Learning. The festival featured a wide range of artistic skills, as youngsters from many backgrounds came together to express themselves through painting, story writing, and quotation competitions. The lively night concluded with the honoring of the top three submissions from each category, who received wonderful Little Orchid products and gifts.

Let us enter the enchanted world of imagination and marvel at the miracles made by these gifted young artists:

  • Painting Competition - The painting contest was exciting, full of enthusiasm and artistic flair. The kids grabbed their brushes, paints, and canvases and let their imaginations run wild. As teenage artists dipped their brushes into a palette of colors, bringing their thoughts to life on the canvases before them, the room buzzed with excitement. From whirling landscapes to innovative abstract art, each painting displayed the young artist's distinct perspectives and artistic flair. The winners were as follows Dimpal (9th), Sadaf (9th) , Mohit (10th), Fariha (9th) , Deepak (10th) , Aashi (10th) , Priya (8th) , Huda (5th) , Bhavishya (8th) , Anamika (10th)), followed by their work. Second-place winners were: Umakant (9th) , Prateek (7th), Zubair (9th), Aryan kant (9th), Borno (6th), Minakshi (8th), Ikra (6th), Mukarram (10th) , Tohid (9th) , Aryan Tyagi (10th). The third-place winners were: Rizwan Ali (10th), Azeem (8th) , Nitin (5th), Payal (5th), Anuraag (6th) , Arslan (5th) , Aryan (6th), Neha (6th), Isneha (6th), Yashkant (6th).

  • Story Telling Competition - Each young writer brought their own ideas and artistic flair to the fore, immersing the audience in engrossing storylines. As the participants presented their stories, the air was filled with a real sense of enthusiasm, their words resonating with emotion and imagination.

  • Quotations Competition - It gave the young participants a chance to demonstrate their command of the English language and knowledge. They made brilliant phrases using pens and notebooks, encapsulating profound ideas and passionate feelings. Each quotation provided a glimpse into the young minds' distinct viewpoints and serious reflections on life, love, and dreams.

The 1st place winners were Dimpal (9th), Sadaf (9th), and Prachi (9th). The 2nd place winners were Hasnain (5th), Aashi (10th), Fariha (9th), Tkra(6th), Tamanna (6th), and Alsara (8th). The 3rd place winners were Yuvan (8th) , Mohit (10th) , Nikita (8th) , Anmol (10th), Dushyant (6th), Shushil (10th), Aryan (10th) , Prince (8th) , Manisha (6th) , Ayush (6th).

Some of the stunning work we received are -

For first position winners -

Second position -

and third position winners -

And finally , some glimpses of our winners:

It was an amazing experience and a fun-filled time. Little Orchid would continue organizing such price-winning competitions next time too!

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